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How to get the perfect shave is something I get asked very often. In this post I would like to show you what a proper shaving routine is. In the end it all comes down to three steps that are equally important.

A good preparation is key to attain a close and comfortable shave. I always recommend to shave after taking a hot shower. The warm water will soften the beard and open the pores.

Subsequently, using a high quality shaving cream is very important throughout the entire shave. The cream keeps the beards moist and exfoliates the skin.

The second step is the shave itself. You should use a razor with as little blades as possible to protect the skin from dragging and irritation. Make sure that the blades are always sharp.

Mastering a good technique is essential in getting the perfect shave. Knowing the direction of your beard is the most important part. Start by shaving with the grain while gently stretching the skin with the other hand. Go for beard reduction instead of removal. Don't try to remove everything in one pass.
Follow, after re-lathering, with a second pass and now shave across the grain. Yes ACROSS and not AGAINST.

The last step is important to make sure you treat your skin properly. Rinse with cold WATER and apply an after shave.

Take these three steps into consideration while shaving. Still having questions on the perfect shave? Don't hesitate to contact me on FB or Twitter.

Mr Maroosh

  Mr Maroosh     13-03-2013 14:12     Comments ( 0 )
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Mr Maroosh

Mr Maroosh is a shaving brand based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. It's aim is to help men improve their shaving experience by offering a systematic, step-by-step approach to shaving. An approach that brings back the joy of a clean and comfortable shave. The products are straight forward, timeless, and smell incredible.


We value our client satisfaction and would appreciate it if you could notify us, if for any reason you are not satisfied. We go through great lengths to develop products of the highest quality and are eager to learn and improve our portfolio.

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