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Skin is an important organ and has to withstand various external stresses. Shaving is one of them. A good preparation and proper after care is essential in enhancing your shaving comfort. For these two elements it is important to choose products that match your skin type. In this post I want to share with you some facts on the three common skin types and how to tune your shaving products accordingly. An important fact to consider is that your skin has an acid mantle, which is maintained at an appropriated level by the production of sebum. Too much will cause oily skin. Too little will lead it to dry.

This skin type tends to produce an oily substance, the so-called sebum, on the skin surface giving the skin a shiny appearance with visible pores. In hot weather, an oily skin gets even more oilier because heat and humidity cause blood vessels to dilate and increase perspiration and sebum production.

Although it sounds counter intuitive, individuals with oily skin should avoid using skin drying products like an alcohol based aftershave. The drying of the skin will cause the skin to overreact and produce even more sebum. Avoid too much scrubbing and exfoliating as it will lead to the same result.

Contrary to oily skin, dry skin has very little sebum production. As a result the acid mantle becomes unbalanced and water has difficult time penetrating the skin's surface. The skin becomes dehydrated, and pores become tightened.

If you have dry skin, I advise you to avoid any product that contains alcohol or other substances that might cause the skin to lose its moisture. Use instead a shaving cream that captures moisture and hydrates the skin during the shave. Learn more about the benefits of shaving cream in a post I wrote earlier. Replace to lost moisture with a moisturizing aftershave balm. You might also find it helpful to moisture regularly with products containing natural oils like argan, hazelnut or almond oil.

Sensitive skin is typically burning and itching and is reactive to a variety of external factors like toxins, stress, insufficient exercise and sleep, poor diet and weather. This skin type should be treated in moderation. Make sure the temperature of the water during shaving is not too high. When applying shaving cream do that in a gentle way and avoid rubbing your skin too much. In addition to being gentle, use products that suite sensitive skin well. A natural shaving cream and an aftershave balm are essential to attain a comfortable shave. In addition you might consider using soothing and calming moisturizers in the morning and before bedtime.

Thus, knowing your skin type is essential in choosing your shaving products and subsequently in attaining a close and comfortable shave. Feel free to contact me through Facebook or Twitter if you have any more questions. For now, I wish you an excellent shave.

Mr Maroosh

  Mr Maroosh     16-07-2013 19:35     Comments ( 0 )
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Mr Maroosh

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