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For the past few months I shared with you some shaving tips. The topics where diverse and covered the most important areas you should master as a wet shaver. They covered how to deal with and prevent most common shaving problems; such as ingrown hairs and nicks and cuts. They explained what a proper shaving routine should be like and explained the reason why each step in this routine is important. They also covered how you should take care of your shaving equipment. All the posts are based on knowledge I gained over the years.

Although shaving is universal, it is at the same time very personal. Each man has his specific needs and might be suffering from specific problems and each person learned how to shave in his own unique way. Therefore I open the opportunity for everyone to ask questions on how to deal with specific problems they experience during shaving or share with us what works for them best. Every topic related to shaving is welcome!

Send your questions and remarks by email or post them directly on facebook or twitter.

So let´s start sharing and become better shavers!

Mr Maroosh

  Mr Maroosh     01-10-2013 20:33     Comments ( 0 )
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Mr Maroosh

Mr Maroosh is a shaving brand based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. It's aim is to help men improve their shaving experience by offering a systematic, step-by-step approach to shaving. An approach that brings back the joy of a clean and comfortable shave. The products are straight forward, timeless, and smell incredible.


We value our client satisfaction and would appreciate it if you could notify us, if for any reason you are not satisfied. We go through great lengths to develop products of the highest quality and are eager to learn and improve our portfolio.

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