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Shaving sensitive skin is a challenge if you want to achieve a close shave without sacrificing on the comfort. In this post I want to share with you a few tips on how to shave sensitive skin.
Sensitive skin is known to be reactive to a variety of external factors. The key to treating sensitive skin is moderation: in temperature, in products and in the shaving technique.

Good preparation is essential for all types of skin and specially for sensitive skin. Make sure to shave after a warm shower and avoid high water temperatures on your face as this will cause the skin to get sensitive. While the face is moist, apply a shaving cream that has a high content of natural oils. This protects your skin and allows the blade to glide freely on the skin. Make sure to use products that suit sensitive skin and stay away from synthetic dyes and other chemicals that will cause any irritation.

Shaving sensitive skin with regular multiple blade razors might cause the skin to get irritated. The reason is that as multiple blades glide over the face, the protective layer provided by the cream is reduced which increases the chance of the blade rubbing against the skin. So try using a razor with as few blades as possible.

Sensitive skin needs to be treated well after the shave is complete. Use an aftershave balm that nourishes the skin and allows the skin to recover. These aftershave balms have moisturizing properties and speed up the recovery process of the skin cells.

If you still have issues while shaving, you can always contact me through Facebook or Twitter.

Mr Maroosh

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Mr Maroosh

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