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Shaving preparation is half the work. You are probably used to putting some foamy stuff on the beard prior to shaving. But what is it for? Why do you have to prepare your face well prior to shaving? And what is a good preparation?

A good shaving preparation starts with washing the face with water. My advice is to soften the hairs by washing the face with HOT water. This hydrates the fibers and reduces the force necessary to cut the hairs using the blade.

After that apply a shaving cream gently, either by hand or by using a shaving brush. Take time to lather your beard. Two to three minutes will do you much good. A shaving cream that does not dry out quickly surrounds the hairs with a damp environment making sure the hairs do not dry out. The shaving cream provides also a gliding surface for the blade which minimizes the friction with the skin and therefore the damage caused by the blade to the skin.

So make sure to take time and keep in mind that good shaving preparation is essential.

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Mr Maroosh


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