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Shaving cuts can happen to even the best shavers. Nicks or cuts show up occasionally while shaving and it is important to treat them in the right way as quickly as possible. In this post I will share with you the two common methods to deal with nicks and cuts, both using mineral salts. These minerals are known to be antiseptic in addition to contracting the skin and tightening the pores.

Styptic stick: spot treatment

If you want to treat a specific spot then use a styptic stick. It contains natural mineral salts which help contract and tighten the pores to seal in the injured blood vessels. To use it, wet the tip of the stick with cold water and apply to the spot you want to treat. Because the styptic stick contains high concentration of mineral salts you might experience a sting. Besides stopping bleeding, the styptic stick has antiseptic properties. After usage, I advise you to clean and dry the stick and store it in a dry pace. If you would leave the stick in a moist place the stick will simply dissolve. Avoid contact with glass and marble surfaces. The minerals form the stick might react with the surface.

Alum block: whole face treatment

Another method to treat nicks and cuts is it to use an alum block which also contains mineral salts. An alum block is less concentrated than the styptic stick and is used to treat the whole face for minor nicks and cuts. An alum block is been primarily used for its antiseptic properties. To use the alum block wet the entire block with cold water and gently rub it over the entire face. If there are some minor nicks then you will experience a little sting. Otherwise it will give you a cool refreshing feeling. Like the styptic stick, the alum block should be cleaned and stored in a dry place avoiding contact with glass and marble surfaces.

Try to be careful while shaving to avoid nicks and cuts. If you have any questions left please do not hesitate to contact me on FB or Twitter.

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