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Razor burns are common among shavers, some more than others. Razor burns are caused by poor shaving technique and improper usage of shaving products. The reason behind getting razor burns is the removal of too many skin layers during shaving which exposes the sensitive lower layers of the skin. In this post I want to share with you how to treat and prevent razor burns to gain more shaving comfort.

Use sharp blades

Using sharp blades is important to prevent razor burns. This because a sharp blade can cut the hairs more easily than a dull blade. A sharp blade allows you to use apply little force to cut the hairs and therefore do little damage to the skin.

Apply minimum pressure

A lot of shavers believe that by applying lots of pressure they will get a closer shave, which is not true. By applying a lot of pressure you are removing too many layers of skin and exposing the sensitive lower layer. Instead of applying too much pressure, let the razor do the work and allow it to glade on your face.

Apply enough lather and moisture

Applying shaving cream is essential for the protection of your skin. It has several benefits provides a protective gliding surface for the blade and surrounds the hairs and skin with damp environment which makes cutting the hairs easier. It is essential to apply enough cream and water to provide the perfect protection for your skin.

Treating razor burns

If you happen to have burns already, I advise you to first apply cold water to your face. Add few drops of Vitamine E or lavender oil to the cold water to reduce redness and irritation. After cooling your face down, apply an after shave balm with natural ingredients. Avoid rubbing and massaging the aftershave balm into your skin; this would increase the redness and irritation.

The best remedy to razor burns is not to get them in the first place. Make sure you protect your skin and shave with sharp blades using little pressure.

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