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Gentelmens Barbershop


Gentlemen’s barbershop is a place where you can feel at home and where many services are offered ranging from haircuts and shaves to spa treatments. At the bar, you can enjoy a drink and browse through the magazines, or let the shoeshine to give your shoes a bright new look. All the treatments are aimed to let you relax and give a new boost of energy.In this interview, Ian Ros shares with us

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The Netherlands
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What motivated you to become a barber? What was the defining moment that inspired you to choose that path?

The defining moment of becoming a barber was probably my birth! I was born to become a barber and already shaved clients at the age of twelve in the barbershop of my father. I never had ambitions for anything else then barbering. In the last few years I extended my skills learning all other treatments for men’s care, such as hammam sessions, massage, waxing, face, hand and foot care. I explored the history of the barber profession, which goes back to ancient Egypt, where the faros received these treatments by barbers. I was fascinated by all the aspects of barbering and wanted to restore them in my profession. I would even have liked to perform the dentist and doctor part like barbers practised in the middle ages, but of course this is not possible nowadays.

What does the profession of barbering mean to you? And what is the experience you want to offer your clients?

The profession means to me ‘coming home’ and this experience I want to offer my clients. It is the smell of fresh lime after shave, of hair pomades and the other products, the skin contact, the comb running through the hair, the sound of the buzzer or running water and all other sensations involved giving the treatments. Men should have a moment to slow down and enjoy their treatments. I like to make every treatment a special experience of relaxation with an end result that beats every expectation.

What kind of people do you attract to your barbershop? What do they look for?

I attract all men of all ages who like my special designed high standard treatments, whether it is for a haircut, shave, beard trim, hammam session, massage or one of the many other treatments I offer.

How did the profession change over the years in your opinion? And how do you see its future?

Due to woman emancipation and liberation in the sixties and seventies of last century barbershops disappeared and unisex hairdressing shops appeared. Now, men stand up for their own preferences again and barbershops experience a revival. A hair dresser is not a barber. They are different professionals and need different learning and training. You can learn some techniques at the Hairdresser Academy, but you cannot become a barber there. In near future I plan to open a Barber Academy for preparing barbers properly.

Is there still a place for such an artisan profession in time where everyone is concerned about speed and low cost?

Certainly, the business is set up to fit in and meet all requirements forming part of this changed culture and mentality. I work with prebookings, clients do not have to wait for their turn or at the most a few minutes. The prices are low for the all inclusive treatments.

Who is the most interesting, strange or moving client you have had so far?

I met many interesting clients, but do not want to reveal their stories. As a barber unique stories were shared with me, but my profession requires discretion and that is where I stand for.



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