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If you fancy a good haircut, a beard trim or a hot towel shave, or enjoy a good coffee or do them both then this is the place to be! Located at the city centre of Amsterdam, Cut Throat Barber & Coffee attracts many different clients ranging from professionals to students and tourists, all with the same aim: have a relaxing moment and go home refreshed again. In this interview, Jimmy shares his barbering story with us.

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What motivated you to become a barber? What was the defining moment that inspired you to choose that path?

Up until I was 18 years old I had dreams of playing professional soccer. After realizing I was not going to set the world on fire with my soccer skills I realized that I had to do something else with my life. My options were: go and work with my dad as a builder or as my mum suggested go and see a family friend who was a barber. At the time it was winter a freezing cold so I chose the warm barbershop of cold building site and I never looked back.

What does the profession of barbering mean to you? And what is the experience you want to offer your clients?

Barbering means everything to me. It’s the one thing I feel I can really excel at and a barbershop is the one place where I feel the most comfortable. We want this to rub off on our clients and want them to walk away with a clean cut, shave or beard trim thinking where has cut throat barber been all my life!

What kind of people do you attract to your barbershop? What do they look for?

Based on our location in the heart of Amsterdam Centrum people assume that we would attract a high tourist cliental. However this is definitely not the case as we are steadily building an Amsterdam based clientele from expat professionals, locals, students and many people who live in and around the city center.

How did the profession change over the years in your opinion? And how do you see its future?

In the ten years since I have been barbering, it is only been in the last few years that shaving has started to get big again. In my opinion that is through the quality of the new disposable cutthroats available that are just as heavy and sharp as a straight razor making shaving serious business once again.

Is there still a place for such an artisan profession in time where everyone is concerned about speed and low cost?

There is definitely space in the market for barbers, people are going back to basics and like to see good value for money and you can’t get any better value for money in my opinion than a classic fade and hot towel cut throat shave done by professionals that love what they do.

Who is the most interesting, strange or moving client you have had so far?

The most moving client of mine is childhood friend who has been diagnosed with motor neuron disease. He came for a haircut and we had organized to go for a beer later with a couple mates. He just had a doctor’s appointment to go to and that’s where he found out the bad news. How he has handled this debilitating disease and been told that there is no cure he has inspired me through his strength and character. He has since married and is a proud father. How he has handled everything he is without a doubt my most inspiring client and somebody I look up too!



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