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In a previous interview Peter, founder of Roy & Sons, shared his story and vision with us. In this interview, a second generation barber and creative director at Roy & Sons talks on the creative aspect of the profession. Johan Rönnow is based in Malmö where a second Roy & Sons barbershop is located. Together with Peter they push the concept forward and make sure it fits the modern gentlemen while keeping the tradition intact.

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Tell us a little bit about yourself and your work at this barbershop?

I grew up in this industry. Like Peter, who founded Roy & Son, I’m a second generation barber. Through the years I have worked with education, photo shoots and runway shows which have all been focused on men’s style and fashion.
Through that I came in contact with Roy & Son and found that the vision of the brand was exciting and new. At the same time Peter was looking for someone who could keep moving the concept forward.

What does the profession of barbering mean to you? And what is the experience you want to offer your clients?

Barbering means a lot of things to me. It’s heritage, craftsmanship, service, artistic and a constantly developing profession. It brings so many exciting things together.
Our communication to our clients is ”Classic Shaves With Modern Haircuts” and I think that describes well what kind of experience we want to provide our clients with. Add a high level of service to it and I think you have an amazing barbershop experience.

How did the profession change over the years in your opinion? And how do you see its future?

Barbering has become something modern and exciting. Barbershops used to be dusty old places where you could get a short or shorter haircut. Now men seek us out for everything from classic to contemporary. They expect great quality and high-end results.

We have experienced an invasion of the beards in the recent years. Do you think that this trend will continue? What could be the next big trend?

I think that beards have now anchored themselves firmly and won’t go away. They are now an accepted outlet for men’s style. But even the most groomed beards has a very masculine and rugged feeling to them and I believe that we will see more clean shaved guys. Today, you could almost argue that it’s a stronger style statement to be clean shaved then having a beard.

Is there still a place for such an artisan profession in time where everyone is concerned about speed and low cost?

Everybody needs to slow down somewhere and treat themselves to something. A barbershop is a great place to do just that and we have only seen the beginning of that movement.

What are your signature treatments? What makes them special and what type of clients are inclined to those treatments?

It’s hard to mention just one because we put as much work in to each treatment and we have a great variety among our clients. With that, our Hangover Treatment is a great treatment for all the men that enjoyed last night and need to re-boost themselves. You’ll leave feeling just as good as you did the night before.



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