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Roy&Sons is a barbershop where tradition and modernity go hand in hand. The two barbershop, based in Stockholm and Malmö, have a long history and keep the tradition of barbering alive. In this interview, fonder and master barber Peter Mannerstål shares with us his barber story and tells us about his passion for barbering.

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contact details Roy&Sons Stockholm:
Hornsbruksgatan 24
117 34 Stockholm
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Tell us a little bit about your background and how did you come to where you are today in your profession?

I’ve have been in the industry since the 70’s and I started working together with my father Roy Mannerstål who had started his Barbershop in Stockholm 1950. Working side by side with him was what taught me the trade.
That’s the story and the heritage that the Roy & Son barbershops bring to life today and tomorrow in both Stockholm and Malmö.

What was your vision for opening your barbershops? What type of customers did you want to attract and what did want them to experience while being here?

Behind the opening of both shops there’s an idea of creating a space where men can go, feel comfortable and openly flaunt their vanity. Along side with this, to be able to do that, I feel that we needed to modernise and carry the barbershop into today and tomorrow. That is being done both through the refinement of our services and with the design of our shops.
With that focus I feel that we have been able to attract a broad spectra of clients. What brings our clientele together is that they all value good service, quality craftsmanship and our vision of the modern barbershop.

Is this something that remained constant throughout time?

This has from the start been the focus and that’s something that will not change. I believe that has been the success of both our shops and that was the success when my father first started.

Male grooming has gained a lot of attention in the recent years. Where do you see this trend going and how do you want to adjust accordingly?

The question is if it already hans’t passed what should be considered a trend. Not all men have found their way back into the barbershop but the majority are interested in their grooming.
I am to maintain the high level of the services and honour the craft and by doing so I am convinced that we will see even more men directing their attention towards us.

Tells us about your morning ritual

I love coffee.

If you were to give a single advice on grooming to the modern busy man. What would it be?

Take your time. Everything else is at a high pace, grooming shouldn’t be. Done right it will start of your day just right.



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