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Shaving cream is widely used by wet shavers as an essential part of their shaving routine. There are different ways to apply shaving cream and for those wondering how to use shaving cream properly I wrote this post.

Keep in mind that shaving cream has different properties than other shaving preparation products. An important one to keep in mind is that you need much less shaving cream than you would with foam or gel. You find a lot of novice wet shavers that use shaving cream for the first time, complain about the lather being dry. The fact is that they use a lot of shaving cream with little water which automatically leads to a dry lather.

Shaving cream can be applied by hand directly on your face. First hydrate your face thoroughly using warm water. Then take an almond size bit of shaving cream and put a bit of it on each cheek. Spread the cream on your face using the tips of your fingers using a circular motion. If the shaving cream feels a bit too dry, wet your fingers a little and continue working in the shaving cream.

There are two ways to apply shaving cream using a shaving brush. Either directly on your face or by first lathering the cream in a shaving bowl and then applying it to your face. In both cases, make sure to soak the brush in warm water to allow it to absorb heat and moisture. Take the brush and give it a few gentle shakes to remove the excess moisture and then put an almond size bit of shaving cream in the brush.

When applying directly on your face, start spreading the cream using circular motions. After a minute or so you should start seeing lather being formed. If the lather feels a bit too dry, dip the tip of the shaving brush in warm water and continue lathering. When you are satisfied with your lather you might find it necessary to even it out using a few straight strokes.

So this is how to use shaving cream. Whichever way you choose, take those few minutes for prepping well for your shave. This will do you much good.

If you have any other questions on shaving or want a particular subject to be covered please contact me.

Mr Maroosh

  Mr Maroosh     17-10-2013 17:18     Comments ( 0 )
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Mr Maroosh

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