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The adam's apple is tricky to shave and might result in shaving discomfort when not done properly. In this post I want to share with you some tips that make shaving around the adam's apple easier and more comfortable. Shaving blades are flat, and the area around the adam's apple is not. So the key idea behind shaving the adam's apple properly is flattening the skin. This can be achieved in two simple ways.

The first way to flatten the skin around the adam's apple is to pull the skin sideways. By pulling the skin sideways the area that needs to be shaved shifts to the more flat area around the neck making it easier to shave. Pull the skin to the right and shave part of the adam's apple area. Pull the skin then to the left and shave the other part. Shaving the adam's apple in two steps ensures that the skin is not overstretched.

We are all familiar with the upward movement of the adam's apple when swallowing. Immediately after swallowing the adam's apple returns to its original position. If you want to keep the adam's apple hidden up, try swallowing and holding the swallow. This gives you a few seconds during which the skin is flat so you can shave the adam's apple easily.

Try being careful while the adam's apple and avoid unnecessary discomfort.

If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact me on facebook or twitter. Enjoy your shave!

Mr Maroosh

  Mr Maroosh     23-07-2013 15:46     Comments ( 0 )
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Mr Maroosh

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