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  Mr Maroosh     16-07-2013     Comments (0)

WHY KNOWING YOUR SKIN TYPE IS ESSENTIAL IN ATTAINING A COMFORTABLE SHAVE Skin is an important organ and has to withstand various external stresses. Shaving is one of them. A good preparation and proper after care is essential in enhancing your shaving comfort. For these two elements it is important to choose products that match your skin type. In this post I want to share with you some facts on the three common skin types and how to tune your shaving products accordingly. An important fact to consider is that your skin has an acid mantle, which is maintained at an appropriated level by the production of sebum. Too much will cause oily skin. Too little will lead it to dry. OILY SKIN This skin type tends to produce an oily substance, the so-called sebum, on the skin surface giving the skin a shiny appearance with visible pores. In hot weather, an oily skin gets even more oilier because heat and...

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  Mr Maroosh     09-07-2013     Comments (0)

HOW TO USE A SHAVING BRUSH TO GET THAT PERFECT SHAVE In this post I will show you how to use a shaving brush . A shaving brush has a few key benefits. First it exfoliates the skin in a gentle way removing the dead cells and prepping the skin for a comfortable shave. Second a shaving brush holds moisture and warmth making it easier to moisturize the beard to make cutting the hairs easier with less pressure. Third it maximizes the utility of your shaving cream because a brush generates a rich lather with less shaving cream. In this post I want to share with you how to use a shaving brush in a proper way. When using a shaving brush, there are three things to keep in mind.   1. DIP THE BRUSH IN HOT WATER AND REMOVE EXCESS MOISTURE Dipping the brush in hot water allows the brush to soak up and absorb warmth. These two elements are important for softening the hairs. When...

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  Mr Maroosh     02-07-2013     Comments (0)

SHAVING YOUR FACE UNBUNDLED Shaving your face is different for everyone. Every man has developed his own way of shaving throughout the years. In this post I want to share with you what I think will work for most men who seek to develop a good shaving technique. Good shaving technique comes down to understanding the direction of hair growth. I advise you to shave with the grain then across the grain to avoid ingrown hairs and irritations. In addition I advise you to divide the face in different areas and adjust the shaving direction and stroke length during your shave to suit each area properly. The face can be divided in different areas. Start with shaving from the sideburn downwards to the jaw line. Make sure you use sharp blades and apply little pressure. Applying too much pressure will remove too many surface cells which will cause...

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  Mr Maroosh     25-06-2013     Comments (0)

DEALING WITH SHAVING CUTS Shaving cuts can happen to even the best shavers. Nicks or cuts show up occasionally while shaving and it is important to treat them in the right way as quickly as possible. In this post I will share with you the two common methods to deal with nicks and cuts, both using mineral salts. These minerals are known to be antiseptic in addition to contracting the skin and tightening the pores. STYPTIC STICK: SPOT TREATMENT If you want to treat a specific spot then use a styptic stick. It contains natural mineral salts which help contract and tighten the pores to seal in the injured blood vessels. To use it, wet the tip of the stick with cold water and apply to the spot you want to treat. Because the styptic stick contains high concentration of mineral salts you might experience a sting. Besides stopping bleeding, the...

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  Mr Maroosh     18-06-2013     Comments (0)

WHY YOU SHOULD BE USING SHAVING CREAM? Part of a comfortable shave is using shaving cream that treats you skin well. Once been the most commonly used product to shave with, today shaving cream is hard to find. The market seems to be dominated by shaving gels and foams. Not because they are any good, but because they are easy to find and use. I have always been using shaving creams because of three important properties that are unparalleled. 1. AMAZING LUBRICATION TO PROTECT THE SKIN A good quality shaving cream has a high fat concentration, mainly in the form of natural oils which do not penetrate the skin. These oils protect the skin in the form of lubrication, making it easier for the blade to glide along the skin surface to cut the hair without dragging the skin. 2. MOISTURIZING PROPERTIES TO SOFTEN THE BEARD A good shaving cream contains glycerine...

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  Mr Maroosh     11-06-2013     Comments (0)

HOW TO SHAVE A BEARD How to shave a beard is something many gents ask me. They decided to shave their beards after letting it grow for a while. This change of style asks for some preparation to shave a beard properly. There are two essential steps. 1. TRIM THE BEARDTO A MANAGEABLE LENGTH USING CLIPPERS Before shaving a beard, use clippers or a beard trimmer. Trying to shave a long beard using a razor is difficult and time consuming. The long facial hair will clog the razor easily and make it uncomfortable to use. 2. SHAVE WITH A RAZOR USING PROPER SHAVING TECHNIQUE The second step is to shave with a razor using proper shaving technique. This consists of three essential steps: 1. Prep your skin well using hot water and shaving cream 2. shave with the grain and then across the grain. Avoid shaving against the grain. 3. Use cold...

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  Mr Maroosh     04-06-2013     Comments (0)

SHAVING PREPARATION Shaving preparation is half the work. You are probably used to putting some foamy stuff on the beard prior to shaving. But what is it for? Why do you have to prepare your face well prior to shaving? And what is a good preparation? A good shaving preparation starts with washing the face with water. My advice is to soften the hairs by washing the face with HOT water. This hydrates the fibers and reduces the force necessary to cut the hairs using the blade. After that apply a shaving cream gently, either by hand or by using a shaving brush . Take time to lather your beard. Two to three minutes will do you much good. A shaving cream that does not dry out quickly surrounds the hairs with a damp environment making sure the hairs do not dry out. The shaving cream provides also a gliding surface for the blade which minimizes...

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  Mr Maroosh     28-05-2013     Comments (0)

INGROWN HAIRS Ingrown hairs are tricky. Some men suffer from ingrown hairs after shaving and a lot of them wonder how to deal with them. Ingrown hairs are hairs that grow back into the hair follicle and do not manage to make their way to the skin surface. This mainly occurs after improper shaving technique. Some people, especially those with curly hair, can suffer more from ingrown hairs than others. Removing ingrown hairs comes down to three steps: Use warm water or (preferably) a damped cloth to soften the skin and the hairs. Exfoliate by using a scrub or a wash cloth Learn how to shave! Exfoliating by using a scrub or a washcloth when taking a warm shower will help remove dead skin cells and free the way for the hair to get to the surface easier. Make sure you apply the scrub with circular and gentle motions. Avoid...

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  Mr Maroosh     13-03-2013     Comments (0)

THE PERFECT SHAVE How to get the perfect shave is something I get asked very often. In this post I would like to show you what a proper shaving routine is. In the end it all comes down to three steps that are equally important. BEFORE SHAVING A good preparation is key to attain a close and comfortable shave. I always recommend to shave after taking a hot shower. The warm water will soften the beard and open the pores. Subsequently, using a high quality shaving cream is very important throughout the entire shave. The cream keeps the beards moist and exfoliates the skin. SHAVE The second step is the shave itself. You should use a razor with as little blades as possible to protect the skin from dragging and irritation. Make sure that the blades are always sharp. Mastering a good technique is essential in getting the...

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